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Selection of imported mould steel materials

2022-11-15 15:44:29

The choice of mold materials before talking about mold materials, we have to understand some basic things about injection molds, first of all, the classification of the mold, generally divided into five levels of the mold according to the length of service life, the first level in more than a million times, two is 500,000 ----100 million times, three in 300,000 -----50 million times, four in 100,000 --- 300,000 times, five in 100,000 times below, a level and Level 2 moulds are required to use can be heat-treated hardness in the HRC50 steel, otherwise easy to wear, injection molding products easy to super poor, so the selected steel should have both good heat treatment performance, but also in the state of high hardness has a good cutting performance, of course, there are other aspects to consider. As I have very little contact with domestic plastic moulding steel, I can only introduce the imported materials commonly used in the Pearl River Delta. Usually use Swedish 8407, S136, American 420, H13, European 2316, 2344, 083, or Japanese SKD61, DC53 (originally for hardware mould materials, special circumstances use.) A type of steel. In addition, the raw materials used for injection moulding and the fillers added to them have a great influence on the choice just now, especially as glass fibre is very abrasive to the mould. 

Some plastic materials have acid corrosive, some due to the addition of enhancers or other modifiers, such as glass fiber on the mold damage, the selection of materials are to be taken into account. Strong corrosive plastic generally choose S136, 2316, 420 a class of steel, weak corrosive in addition to choose S136, 2316, 420, SKD61, NAK80, PAK90, 718M. strong acidic plastic material: PVC, POM, PBT weak acidic plastic material: PC, PP, PMMA, PA, the appearance of the product requirements for the mold The choice of material also has a great impact on the transparent parts and the surface requirements of the mirror products, the materials available are S136, 2316, 718S, NAK80, PAK90, 420, the transparency of the mold should be selected S136, followed by 420. 


The above is to meet the product requirements, but as a designer, you only consider these words, you are not only impossible to become a good designer, may be your rice bowl have problems, you are involved in the cost of the mold required is the most important, you also have to consider the price, take S136 and 2316 to compare, the difference between 55-60 yuan per kilogram, if you choose improper If you choose improperly, your boss either can not receive a single, or do bankruptcy. 

Three levels of mold with more pre-hardened material, grades are: S136H, 2316H, 718H, 083H, hardness HB270 ----340, four or five levels of mold with P20, 718, 738, 618, 2311, 2711, for the requirements of particularly low mold, there may be used S50C, 45 # steel, that is, directly in the mold embryo to do the cavity. Bulletproof glass glue) 

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